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Friends of the Library- Walton County Coastal Branch Library

Lisa Mitchell - Featured Artist for Month of March 2013

Lisa Mitchell, now a resident of Seagrove Beach grew up in an Air Force family. “My mother, educated in interior design, painted in oil and taught me to sew. My father graduated from Georgia Tech in architecture but decided to become a pilot and fly planes. They both encouraged me to be imaginative and artful. I have always been creative and artistic, in one form or another either painting or sewing all my life.” Lisa received her degree in San Diego in Art History. “I was most enamored and influenced by both the German Expressionists and French Fauve artists. Following my father’s retirement and some years later, I joined my family in Tennessee to continue my education to include business and received a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. I did some freelance work, photo styling for a major department store in Memphis. Inspired by textiles and texture and my love to sew, I decided to use my skill with fabrics to design and construct custom home fashions. Collaborating with individuals and a few designers was very rewarding, creative and inspiring. After I was married in Destin and eventually spending more time here, I became involved in decorating many condos in the San Destin area and managed the overall renovations. Presently, I’m painting more and participating in workshops both here and away to include Dick Knowles, Larry Edwards, Guido Frick, Skip Lawrence and Bob Burridge. I paint in oils and acrylics but many times incorporate oil pastel, pencil, pen and sometimes textural elements as well. I’ll use a brush, knife, fingers or a stick if it produces that certain mark I’m envisioning. Lately I’ve become fascinated with these simple figures. It makes me giggle to see these little figures come to life with posture, personality and movement. I really enjoy creating colorful and thoughtful pieces and I’m also revisiting the impact neutrals can have. I hope the viewer is intrigued by the process. Whether it be color, application texture or emotion, you hope as an artist, that someone is inspired to ‘have a look’. I am a work in progress and a piece of work! I look forward to inspiration to expand my horizons, to grow as a person and as an artist.”
Date & Time
  • Weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • 03/01/2013 through 03/29/2013
  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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