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Discover Science Saturday: Science Center Grand Prix Circuit

Join us for a thrilling day of races at the Science Center Grand Prix on the next Discover Science Saturday. -Modify a Hot Wheels race car to see if you can speed to the finish line fastest on our Hot Wheels track! -Become a virtual racer with our Osmo Mind Racers! Strategy and quick decision-making skills are a must if you want to make it into the winner’s circle. -Rubber band racers: using recyclables, you can design your own rubber band powered car. Put your engineering skills to the test to see just how fast your car can go! -Design your own set of wheels with our Makedo cardboard construction kits (safe for all ages). -Feeling extra creative? Build your Groovy Racer at home and bring it to our test track! Using your imagination, create a race car that is no larger than 6” by 3 1/2”, but it can be as tall as you want! You can use parts of toys, recyclables, anything you can think of to create your race car, but it will need to be able to carry a paper or cardboard “passenger” that is between 1”-4” in size. For more details visit Sign in will take place at 10:30am, and races will begin at 11am. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the solo race circuit, group race circuit, and to the best car design. Race your way to fun at Discover Science Saturday!
Date & Time
  • March 24, 2018
  • 10:00AM - 2:00PM
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