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Our mental health professionals in Florida offer the most comprehensive mental health and personal wellness services in the Florida panhandle. Located on the Emerald coast in beautiful Destin, Florida, want to offer you whole wellness options and child and family psychological services.

Whether you are suffering with depression, anxiety, ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), our counseling center in Destin can help you feel better and function better with a single therapy approach or an integrated approach utilizing a combination of our unique therapeutic options that is designed specifically for you. Specialized testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders are provided at our counseling center.

Our vast array of services allows us to address any mental, emotional or behavioral issue you, your spouse, your child, a relative, friend, neighbor, or co-worker may be suffering with often without medications. If you are wary about using psychotropic medications or want to work to decrease or stop taking them, please call us first!

Mental health problems can disrupt daily life at home, school or in other areas of daily living. Without help, mental health problems can lead to work or school issues, alcohol or other drug abuse, family discord, violence or even suicide. Let us help you build upon individual strengths by utilizing existing resources while helping you to build a stronger foundation.

Our highly trained staff has mastered traditional therapy and evaluation services such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, (offered individually or in a group setting), Guided Exposure Therapy, psychological testing, ADOS (Asperger/Autism) testing and neuro-psychological testing. In addition we also offer many other cutting edge and alternative treatment options such as play therapy, animal-assisted therapy, Bio Feedback,and neuro-feedback.

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Ted Masino is an expert in the subject of Child Abuse. overall rating

To anyone considering this center for services for your child, consider the cold, hard reality of the man who's offering services...... Theodore Masino II appears to play the role as an accomplished and dedicated licensed, skilled psychologist who's mission it is to provide needed services to those experiences disorders and diagnosis. I did However learn more about his personal life and family and found there to be an appalling, stark contrast of decency and hypocrisy with this person and the way he's treated his kids and has physically withheld them from having a relationship with their own biological mother, Ironically, for someone who is supposed to be a beacon of exemplary lifestyle behavior, has proven to be a walking human contradiction of inexcusable moral and ethical behavior. We all Know that divorce situations are sad, frustrating and are most often messy. However this man has taken low to a level not seen by most people. The only thing worse is a dead beat dad. While he has a deeply conflicted relationship with his now ex wife, this man has cognitively and emotionally manipulated and brainwashed his vulnerable kids into turning against their own biological mother as a years-long attempt to sway their impressionable minds into refusing any kind of physical or verbal relationship with their own biological mother. Be it that she may be an imperfect person, Their mother is someone who who loves them as much as any mother would. While there's plenty to disagree on about who's a better parent, who's the better provider, who's a better long term advocate for the long term outlook of the child's best interests, one thing that remains: a relationship with both biological parents is always in the child's best long term interests, and one should NEVER manipulate their children to get back, to inflict harm against or cause any retaliatory action against the other person/parent. Ted Masino has done just the inexcusable: he's committed the ultimate disservice against his children by forcefully manipulating and lying directly to his children about their mother in order to gain their innocent and fragile hearts and minds to turn against their own mother. Ted's oldest daughter physically will not even speak to his mother, make eye contact, because of directy manipulation, disinformation, lies, exaggerations and created a narrative so horrible that the his eldest daughter physically wants to attack her own mother and grandmother because of the lies he's brainwashed her with, in order to manipulated them to agreeing with living with him in a vicious and despicable child custody battle with the court against his ex-wife. He has brainwashed his kids so horribly, that they act like abuse survivors or kidnapped victims living with Stockholm syndrome to their capture, and view their mother as an evil, abusive person Even with parental visitation rights allotted to the children's biological mother by the court, Ted Masino consciously and intentfully refuses to allow his kids to have any type of relationship with their mother and physically refuses to follow the court's orders. He's breaking the law on a weekly basis, and the courts and the lawyers cannot act soon enough to penalize him for his egregious behavior.. Many would agreeThis is a form of child abuse in itself. **If anyone working for him cannot see that and accept this as being an immoral thing to do to their own children, then they're just as sick and morally bankrupt as this individual. Moral of the story is; regardless of the relationship with an imperfect parent, NO child deserves to be purposely isolated and denied the most basic relationship with their mother OR father, and then diabolically manipulated by a professional psychologist with all the most brutal cognitive reprogramming and mind control tactics that would certainly and permanently damage that causes a child hate their other parent, simply based on a selfish action in order to gain full parental control and custody and then intentfully deny them of visitation rights, while continuing to lie and manipulate their kids from being able to make a natural, willing choice or decision to physically see their mother. Divorces are hard, but worse is the bitter separation of child custody. Ted Masino is the most despicable case of a father engaging in weaponized child isolation brainwashing in order to manipulate his children into choosing him over their mother so that a court could use that as ammunition to provide him full custody. Does this sound like a man, who's working with other people's children for a living, and has the audacity to model himself as a trusted, and ethical clinician to vulnerable children and populations, that you'd trust and want working with your kids??? This is the truth. You've been warned.

submitted on December 27, 2017
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1008 Airport Rd Suite D
Destin, FL 32541
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