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What is Your Why? By Paul Hunter

The "Why" relates to motivation & change.

Get A Tune Up by Paul Hunter

Checking in with your doctor is always a good idea!

Busyness and Technology Robbing Us of Our Creativity and Freedom

Step Away from the Calendar and Technology

Spring into Action

After 27 years of training, I would not be shocked when someone asks for the quick fix

Being S.M.A.R.T.

The formula to keep your resolution.

Sharpen Your Vision for Great Results

Make a plan now! By Paul Hunter

Stand Tall It's Worth It!

Shoulders back, Chest out, Stomach in - By Paul Hunter

We Take Our Bodies for Granted

Don't take your body for granted.

Fitness on the Coast

A kung fu teacher once told me, “When you learn to control your own body, you can control your opponent’s body. When you can control your opponent’s body, you do not have to hurry.”

Goals and Galas

Things may get difficult, even more than they have been. Don’t give up. When the going gets tough, yes, the tough get going
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