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The Ties that Bind by Chrissy Wainwright

03/06/2018 01:46PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

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Maddox Hayles and Wyatt Wainwright have recently discovered that their love of fishing could eventually turn into a real-life business. These two were both born and raised fishing right here in Destin and now the 11-year-old Destin Middle School boys are the President and Vice President of the Fishing Club!

Maddox and Wyatt met in kindergarten and have been inseparable ever since.  Their interests in sports and outdoor activities are so much alike that they have spent most of their free time together either on the baseball and football fields or out hunting and fishing. Maddox’s father Eric and Wyatt’s father G.W. are both avid fishermen and have had a pole in their sons’ hands ever since they have been able to hold one.  

These two young men have taken their fishing skills up a notch this year by teaching themselves how to fly fish.  They got fly kits and taught themselves how to make their own flies. They spent so much time this past month honing their craft that their mothers suggested setting up shop at the Destin Community Center Craft Show.  So that’s just what they did and they ended up with a full crowd for most of the six-hour day as they not only sold flies but made them right there at the booth. The two explained to anyone who wanted to know how the flies were made, with what materials, and what type of fly would be best to catch different types of fish. In the end, these chatty best friends not only made themselves money to purchase more supplies but also put a big smile on a lot of faces as people watched two very young craftsmen working, educating and making sales. After such a big success, the boys have decided to take the generous offers given to them to keep their little shop going!  Look for Maddox and Wyatt this spring and summer as they set up their table at local restaurants in the Destin Harbor area.

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