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2017 Christmas Guide

11/16/2017 03:27PM ● Published by Manda Koolis


Whole Family

 Table Topics   $25/each

            We all have those moments when we’re out of things to talk about. This awesome “game” includes topics upon topics to encourage thinking outside of the box, discussion about current events and pop culture, and overall, provide opportunities to TALK. With so much technology around us, working on those social skills is key! TableTopics will be a great addition for the whole family to enjoy. Also helpful to bust out when you have extended family or dinners with your boss!



Speak Out Game   $19

            This silly game brings a smile to everyone’s face! Speak Out involves a plastic brace that is put around your lips while trying to say provided phrases. Not only funny, but teaches the importance of diction! After just a few turns, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing! Make sure you video the experience, because this is something that you’ll want to rewatch later!






What I love About You Book (Fill It Out Before Giving To Her!)   $9.95

            If you want to really score some points in your spouse’s eyes, this little book will make her heart go pitter-pat! Most women LOVE sentimental, well-thought out gifts and this gift is exactly that! With the guided prompts, this book will help you create a sappy, romantic gift that your partner will cherish for years to come.


Orbits Eye Stones   $20

            Bring the spa home to her! For those days when she’s had everything go wrong, these eye stones will help relax and rejuvenate her. For the one who spends long hours in front of a computer or has allergy stricken eyes, these Orbits provide relief for those puffy, tired eyes. Throw them in the freezer for even better results!




Stress Relief Coloring Books (most hobby shops) $8-$12

            There is proven research showing that coloring as an adult actually brings down stress levels. With varying complexity, the designs inside these grown-up coloring books give the artist a chance to unwind and just breathe with no consequences. Coloring pages are a wonderful way to introduce practicing self-care into daily life!


Pamper Her Regularly

What wife or mom doesn't love time to herself to just relax and indulge? Massage does more than just relax the body and calm the mind. It keeps your body where it needs to be to keep you doing more. Massage Envy offers a variety of massages starting at $55. Splurge and buy her a membership for regular massages!





Personalized Whiskey Barrel   $130-$185

            Looking for something a little out of the box for your husband? This cool gift is personalized for the whiskey or rum enthusiast in your life. There’s even an option to include a kit for them to make their own, if they want! Being able to customize this barrel is truly what sets this gift apart and makes it extra special.



Gerber MP600 Sight Multi-Plier Tool   $75|

            Multi-tools are always a great way to get your husband’s attention. With 12 curated tools in this one multi-plier made with solid stainless steel and created to be used with one hand, this tool is the perfect addition to any toolkit or emergency kit for the car or house.



Date Bucket List  $18

            Looking for more of the “experience” type gift? The Date Bucket List takes the guess work out of the “What should we do?” conversation. No more “You pick.” “No, you pick.” With everything from romantic picnics to attending interesting lectures, you’ll have no reason to be bored or confused on date night. After you’ve done your selected date, make sure you note the date on the back and turn it into a memory!

 NES Classic   $60

            Go back to when times were simpler and all you were worried about was what color crayon you were going to use on your next coloring page. The NES Classic hits the nostalgia bone right in the center! With over 30 games preloaded onto this replica, the recipient is sure to find their favorite old school game!




 My Life Story – So Far   $30

            Good for any age, My Life Story offers prompts to and ideas for the writer so that they don’t become overwhelmed with telling their personal story. Great for grandkids to give to grandparents, teens as they discover their goals and dreams, parents to share their experiences and life-lessons for their kids. Just an overall good gift.



 SnackCrate   $12-35

            Pretty much every college student is always hungry. So, give them something to snack on that’s fun and involves an experience! SnackCrate offers a variety of snack box subscriptions that are curated from around the world. Your college student will get to enjoy foods from other countries and experience limited edition types of snacks. Perfect for those study breaks when they need a boost to get through cramming for that next test!


 Petunia Ear Climbers   $90

            Kendra Scott is super popular right now and Ear Climbers even moreso. This stylish and classic jewelry will glam up any outfit and give your student an extra bit of style as she goes throughout her work, classes and social activities. 



 Video Games

            Whether they’re gaming alone or their gaming with others, video games are easily one of the best gifts you can give a teenager. If they’re into playing on their computer, you can purchase a Steam gift card for them so that they can choose from a library of games – including early access and downloadable expansion content. If they’re a fan of console gaming, a gift card to your local GameStop, Walmart or Target will delight them, too, and makes sure that you don’t buy the wrong version of a game that they’ve been desperate for.


 Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone   $65

            Give the gift of flight without going broke in the process. The Air Hogs Race Drone includes a first person view streaming directly to the headset that comes with it. Your teen can record, edit and view video that they take from the perspective of the drone with the free app and the drone is heavy duty enough that it can take a few hits and not get messed up. This drone can go as far as 250 feet in any direction and only requires a recreational permit ($5) to play outside with.


 Nintendo 3DS XL   $200 – Found at Gamestop, Walmart, Target, Best Buy

            The ever popular Nintendo 3DS is one of the best handheld gaming devices available. With classic games like Zelda and Pokemon that have been enhanced to reflect current graphic abilities, there are hours and hours of play ready to be had. This compact offers next tech gaming with 3D graphics for supported games. This is an awesome gift for guys AND gals!


 Magnetic Phone Lenses   $20-$120

            Do you have a budding photographer in your midst? These fun lenses will stretch their creativity and push them forward on that journey! With options including a super fisheye, telephoto, macro and polarizer lens, your teen will have a blast playing with almost any device with a camera – iphone, android, ipad, tablet, etc.! You can buy one or two or a whole kit for the photography enthusiast in the family. They’ll sure to be delighted by this easy way to make their phone images even better.


Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer   $129

            Does your teen have a gazillion photos on their phone? Show them the value of printed photos with the Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer! They can decorate their room, the fridge, grandma’s wallet and more with this handy printer that will have you begging to borrow it. No ink and toner means no refill cartridges. Get more print packs and you’re set to go!


 USB Vinyl Record Player   $90-$300

            Who would have thought with all the electronic formats we have access to that vinyl would come back in style. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Books-A-Million and more are selling vinyl records of popular music and bringing flare back to the world of music. With lots of different styles available, you’ll be sure to find on that matches your teens personality. These fancy machines include their own speakers and USB compatibility, so users will be able to enjoy all of their music.


 iRig Microphone   $45

For the vocalist in the family, the iRig Microphone is where it’s at. Make quality audio recordings on the go or at home without a full studio set up by connecting this unidirectional microphone to your apple or android products. Being instantly adjustable, this microphone allows for you to capture performances and more right on your device.


Tween Girls


Ticket Stub Diary   $11   Amazon

            Girls have a tendency to want to memorialize everything at this age. So give her a way to do so! She can keep this diary for years and years and fill it up with movie ticket stubs, playbills, concert tickets and more. This is the kind of diary that a girl wants (the kind that won’t have embarrassing stuff to look back on five years later).



Cinema Light Box   $50

            This fun little gift lets your tween create fun phrases and quotes with a marquee light box! Not only is this a mess free type gift, but it encourages creativity! With multiple expansion packs and additional letter packs, this gift will enhance her space and all those selfies she’s taking. Available in a regular size and a mini travel size, this will be a fun way to add flair to her photos in any scenario!



Adjustable Engraved Bracelet   $49

            The way to most girl’s hearts is via jewelry and this sweet bracelet is high quality, adjustable and engravable. So not only does she get a flashy and fun accessory, but it’s personalized however you wish it to be. Perfect heirloom type gift for your sweet girl.


 Fin Fun – via Kitty Hawk Kites

            Every girl (from toddler to adult) wants to be a mermaid. So what better way to help them achieve that dream than with a gorgeous mermaid tale from Fin Fun (which you can find at Kitty Hawk Kites)? If you want to up the ante on this fun gift, find a local photographer to have a fantasy styled photo session with so she’ll always be able to remember her days as a mermaid on the shores of the Emerald Coast. If you’re looking for something a little more inexpensive, they also offer mermaid tale blankets!


Tween Boys


Smartphone Projector   $28

            This cool little gadget lets your teen project their smartphone’s screen onto a wall without being super complicated or expensive. Not only is this a cool upgrade for that movie they’re watching, but this is a build-it-yourself project, too! This is a great way to stretch their brain and get them a cool gift - at the same time.


 Nintendo Switch   $345

            This popular new game console is all the rage right now. If you have a little extra to spoil your kids with, the Nintendo Switch is the way to go! This awesome console allows you to play video games like Zelda or MarioKart on your television or in handheld mode. Two for one is always a great deal!


 LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building & Coding Kit   $160

            If you love the idea of making your teen learn while they play, this is an awesome option for both boys and girls! Kids learn about building and coding with over 800 pieces, two encoded motors, Bluetooth connectivity, color and distance sensors and more, PLUS there’s 5 DIFFERENT things that can be built! The cool part is that this is something that can be an on-your-own type project, but could just as easily become a whole family project.



Table Top Air Hockey   $55

            Bring competitive Air Hockey to your home without having a dedicated game room! This table top version of Air Hockey will surely be a hit with your tween. Being a gift that requires two players, this will be something that encourages interaction and participation from every family member. Turning it into a weekly competition might even take family game night to a whole new level!




LiteBrite (Target, A.C. Moore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, $15-25)

            Bring a piece of your childhood back into your life with this amazing, no-mess, creative tool! Lite Brite brings your child the ability to play with color and light without using a marker on your walls. With kits including 150 pieces and kits with refills pages and light pegs, this will guarantee hours of play for your little one!


 My Geek Box (Kids Box)   $23/month

            Give a gift to your child that gives all year long! For just $23 a month, MyGeekBox subscription boxes have a kid’s version that will be sure to delight and excite your child throughout the year with contents that are designed with 5-11 year olds in mind. They’ll be surprised with toys, activity books, and more for as long as you choose!


 Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Smart Scooter   $298

            Now that the industry has figured out the kinks of the electrical system, you can rest easy in getting your kiddo an awesome Hoverboard Scooter. It’s so cool, you’ll be tempted to take a ride on it yourself. You can find this sweet ride over at Brookstone in the Destin Commons or you can order on online with Amazon.


 FurReal Blazin Dragon   $62

            Kids are head-over-heels for the FurReal animals! These cute and cuddly creatures are set up to delight with motion and electronic signals and reactions. The Blazin’ Dragon breathes colored “fire” mist for a whole new level of imagination and fun. With posable legs and soft fur, this is an amazing toy for your child if they’re not quite ready for their own pet.


Riverview Camp For Girls

This gift includes s'mores, campfires, canoeing, ropes courses, climbing tower, chorus & drama, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, horseback riding, arts & crafts, pajama breakfasts, tribe scavenger hunts, buffalo rattles, adventure, inspiration, character and confidence building, making friends and making great memories! 1 & 2 week sessions on top of Lookout Mountain...Emerald Coast girls love to camp at Riverview!

Babies & Toddlers



Bannor toys start $12, (pink n blue)

-All wooden toys and in the USA, even small parts, paints, and packaging!

-None of woods are stained!  Organic wood, paint, and finish, yes I said organic paint.

-Bannor Toys believes in open ended and educational play




Activity Board from Kid-o $30 (pink n blue)

That is new, 21st century Activity Board! Sound, light and vibration effects are triggered by baby's touch and modulated by their actions. Bright colors and interesting shapes hold your child's attention, and an integrated handle makes it easy to grab and go.



THE POP® pacifier $9.99 (pink n blue)

                        Every time this pacifier falls, the nipple pops back into its built-in protective silicone bubble. No need for a case.

                        Safe and intuitive with a gentle pop back that mimics the natural teat.

                        Won’t pop out of babe’s mouth (trust us, #engineering).

                        Minimal washing needed, think just a few times a day.

                        100% silicone. No lead, PVC, BPA, latex or phthalates.

                        Whenever babe masters motor skills, they can put it in their mouth themselves.



Happy Mat from EZPZ $26-$30

The ezpz Care Bears™ Mat is an all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table, which means that it captures the mess and eliminates tipped bowls and plates. Made from 100% food-grade silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free. Designed from infants / toddlers 6+ months.





Sweet Tears Baby doll Alive $50 (Target)

A sick baby needs lots of love to bounce back to their normal smiles and giggles. With 35 plus sounds and phrases in English or Spanish, she can tell kids how she's feeling. .. .and that she loves them! Kids can give Sweet Tears Baby doll a check-up with the stethoscope and thermometer. Her nose lights up to let kids know she needs her tissue. Pretend to blow her nose or bandage a pretend boo-boo.



Fancy holiday dress from Pink N Blue Avenue from $36 and up

Who doesn’t like to dress up around holidays and feel like a little princess? With sizes start at 0month up to 14 yo at local boutique you can dress up your little princess from head to toe.



Fingerlings Glitter $18 (target)

This tiny companion hangs out on your child's finger interacting with individual noises, movements and touches as they travel around



Educational blocks from Uncle Goose, (Pink N Blue) start $16 -$99

Explore Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Greek, and other languages and teach your child your heritage. Choose Constellation, Planetary, Presidential, USA or Periodic Table blocks for amazing gift! All 100% handmade out of Michigan wood.


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