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Trend Setting Birthdays

09/01/2017 06:47PM ● Published by Manda Koolis

You know when your little one’s special day is around the corner, nothing can stop Mom from planning the best and most unique “Instagram picture-perfect” birthday bash! We are probably the worst generation of moms in terms to spoil our little ones. Still doesn't stop us.

There are so many ideas and ways to make that day truly special. Let me share with you a few new trends I think are so unique that I hear a lot of, “I wish I had thought of that earlier…”

My little one was born in December and I always felt that kids born around the holidays don’t get a fair shake for a party. So instead of trying to cram her birthday party between Christmas programs at school, the busy Christmas week and all the holiday shopping and cooking, I decided to do a half birthday party for her in July. And, let’s be honest, isn’t a summertime birthday party much better than a cold winter one? You can buy them a half birthday cake, half a loot bag, half a candle, half a piñata... You see where this is going. I can hear you now… ”OMG, that’s so, so cute!”

No-gift parties trend…Love! Host a "Do-Good" Party: Birthdays That Benefit. This is my absolute favorite and teaches your child that happiness is not having or getting but in giving to others. You can choose a cause to support – whether it is a hands-on service project or raising money/materials for a special organization. It is more than just fun when you make a difference in the world while celebrating their special day. You may think kids are “missing out” by not receiving presents, but from
my experience and from the experience of my friends, the kids are gaining so much more by learning to give.

Other trending parties that are becoming very popular: backyard carnival bash, pajama birthday party, woodland theme, outdoor movie night for tweens, detective party, glitter and glam and surely a unicorn or pineapple party.

Regardless of your budget, beliefs, lifestyle, trends, favorite color or cake your child likes the most, any birthday party you work so hard for your little one should bring fun, joy and cheer on the date they were born. Expect that your only reward will be the memories you create for your family and friends. If you happen to get a hug and a kiss from a very happy child at the end of the day, then it will be a bonus to remember!
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