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Coolest Carver On the Coast

07/03/2017 03:33PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

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Dave Harding is a local artistic anomaly. Sometimes you’ll find him relaxing on the beach, sandpaper and wood in hand. Occasionally you’ll find him at local craft fairs with a selection of spoons, cutting boards and artwork. You’ll run into him on Saturdays at DeFrance Antiques, whittling away at a new piece and greeting customers as they enter. His calm and kind demeanor causes you to stop and peruse his beautifully, carefully carved wooden spoons. His stories will have you intrigued by the man in front of you who has lived more in his 65 years than some do in their entire lifetime. Every piece of wood he works with has its own story to tell and he allows it to form as he goes, taking the time it requires to perfect it. From ladles to serving spoons, stirring spoons to custom handprint salad tongs, custom-shaped cutting boards and even the occasional new idea, not one piece is the same and can take hours to complete. His expertise in types of wood allows him to create the best out of what he finds, whether it is cherry, black walnut, or whatever else he can get his hands on.
Cool Factors: Custom Pieces, Handmade Art, Local Artist 

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