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Riverview Camp for Girls

05/24/2017 03:12PM, Published by Manda Koolis, Categories: Kids & Teens, Summer Fun, Parenting Summer Camps, Summer Activities

Riverview Camp for Girls is filled with tons of activities to help keep you busy this summer! Here's a testimonial directly from one of their attendees from last year. 

"Last spring, a camp mom told me that "we camp"...cute story...when her child said I may not want to go back to camp...her simple response was "We camp... and you are going to camp because of all of the benefits that you will thank me for the 1st day of camp!" And mom was right... her daughter loved every minute asked her to enroll her again this summer too!  While some are trying to figure out what to do this summer...your daughter will be trying to figure out how to fit it all in!
Busy moms and dads and still have time to make their summer dreams come true! Just a click away! 
Remember our session M, which opens on June 4, has a 3-hour riding class that is exclusive to Session M, though 1-hour classes are offered also just like during our other sessions!"

For more information and to register, check out their website:

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