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Sharpen Your Vision for Great Results

11/01/2016 10:59PM ● Published by Paul Hunter

Sharpen your Vision for Great Results

Well, is it time you started doing something about your goals?  Goals, you ask?  I do not have any now, but just wait until January 1st, 2017…. I am going to destroy my goals next year!   This is a crazy time of year.  If you are like a majority of the people in the statistics, you either did not set any goals or have completely forgotten about them.  Why?

Change is difficult.  I once read that the only person looking forward to change is a baby.  Rarely do we enjoy the process of going through the fires of change; however, the positive results in the end are often appreciated.  It brings to my mind that the sharpest, most durable and revered Japanese swords known as katanas are forged through the fire of change.

A fine, hand-made katana carried by Samurai and still made today by traditional methods takes six months to be completed.  Over a thousand layers and two types of metal go into a quality sword that can cost as much as $25,000.  The raw material, found in a select area of Japan, goes through 72 hours of furnacing to be forged of impurities.  Even then, only a third of the batches of metal is able to go forward to finally become the type of katana that goes down in history because of its unique, legendary characteristics.  In the finest swords, up to fifty men have had their hands on a particular part of the sword.  These men began learning the craft of sword-making early in life, sometimes with only gathering the raw materials.  To this day, the process of katana-making is closely regulated by the government of Japan.

With a vision, patience and consistent action, these swords are made.  The same is said for our lives.  We need a vision, patience and consistent action and, yes, we will be put to the fire.  As we are going through these fires in our lives, we must remember the outcome of being forged.  We will be hand-crafted and able to cut through our challenges like a hand-crafted katana.

So, what is it?  Do you have a fear of failure or is it a fear of success, of being in a new place and not recognizing it?  Going into this season, it is a great time to get some goals and a vision.  There is even time to get an action plan together.  There is time to write down your vision, stare at it, refine it, ask people guidance questions, change it if necessary and make it yours.  Get your goal and vision so deep inside you that it is already real.  Then the only thing to do is act out the action plan to get you there.

The old saying, “Shoot for the moon; even if miss, you will fall amongst the stars,” applies here.  So often as adults we do not apply the things we tell our kids.  We can learn a lot from our kids who relentlessly pursue us when they want something.  How many times do they ask?  No, really… How many times do they ask?!

One of the wisest men ever tell us that “Without a vision, the people will perish…”  

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