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Coolest Place to be Included

07/06/2016 08:17AM ● Published by Nancy Babin

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Coolest Place to be Included

Pride Inclusive Sports

PO Box 458 Spicewood, TX 78669

(512) 942-9515

The special needs community is all around us, including right here on the Emerald Coast. Arielle Hobbs passionately started Pride Inclusive Sports after failed efforts to get Sully, her six-year-old disabled son, involved in a sports league with other children.  After living in Santa Rosa Beach for 10 years, Hobbs now resides in Austin, TX, where she runs the main branch of Pride Inclusive Sports.

 At Pride Inclusive, each child is seen as an “individual lion” possessing courage and strength. Hobbs aims to bring the little lions together because only then will they “collectively thrive” when unique talents and skills are combined. Community is crucial because children uplift and encourage each other by participating in fun and educational activities.

 Pride Inclusive Sports started small but effectively by offering two activities: karate and swimming lessons. Promoting discipline and activity through repetition, activities provided opportunity for mental and social gains. Leaps and bounds have been made since the start! There are now expansions offering swim therapy, inclusive dance, and developmental movement, a class created by Hobbs and educational therapists. Prices vary depending on local businesses that offer different classes. Hobbs vows to keep prices as low as possible, and she works to sponsor families so that no child is turned away because of finances. 

 According to Hobbs’ honest, personal, and helpful blog, the 2016 goal is to build a “dream facility” that would be a place Pride Sports can call home.  A board of directors comprised of doctors, teachers, non-profit experts, lawyers, physical fitness experts and more provides Pride Inclusive Sports with a foundation that will impact the lives of more little lions in Austin, the Emerald Coast, and hopefully all over the nation.

Get involved today! Whether it’s making a 

 donation, becoming a volunteer, or becoming a corporate sponsor (businesses large and small are welcome), Pride Inclusive has a place for anyone who is passionate and willing to help! Stop searching and start signing up your child so that he/she can grow and thrive in a community of friends who share the same abilities. 

Cool factors: specifically for special needs children, provides support, promotes educational skills and fun experiences, different classes to choose from

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