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Coolest Place to Hang Around

07/05/2016 03:41PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Coolest Bachelorette Party 

Destin Pilates and Aerial


Are you or someone you know getting married? Do you love to exercise and try new things? A bachelorette party at Destin Pilates and Aerial may be for you! This intense yet extremely fun and artistic activity is the new way to literally “hang out” with your girlfriends and celebrate your special occasion! Climbing the aerial silks is a wonderful workout that targets your arm strength, core, and legs.  Think Cirque du Soleil for beginners and you’ve nailed the excitement of Aerial Silks! 

Even with the challenge of aerial, there is no need to worry about your party lacking fun. Beginner combinations and techniques are taught at the party so everyone can participate. The friendly trainers are right by your side the whole time, shouting out encouragement and offering help whenever needed. Even simple combinations can make your bridal party look like acrobatic experts hanging gracefully in the silks! Plus, whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, you’ll get some brag-worthy pictures looking like an acrobat. 

Get creative with your event and plan matching workout outfits for the bridal party to wear! Whether it’s coordinating t-shirts that say “bride” or “bridesmaid” or patterned yoga pants, the choice is totally up to you. After all, the event is for the bride and to celebrate her. And let’s be honest, working out is always more fun when you have something cute to wear! Bring a cake to celebrate with or after the class keep the party going by heading to dinner! With the exercise you’ll be getting, there’s definitely room for splurging. There are endless options for a bachelorette party, but incorporating aerial silks into the night will make your party memorable long after the wedding. An hour of climbing the aerial silks is a small way to bring a big adventure to your bridal party!

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