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Coolest Medical Advancement

07/05/2016 03:12PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Coolest Medical Advancement On the Coast

Fort Walton Beach Medical Center

1000 Mar Walt Drive, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Call 888-894-2114 or visit

A mammogram becomes a vital routine checkup for women once they turn 40, so it’s crucial that they get the most accurate service and results possible.  The latest technology called the GeniusTM 3D MammographyTM is providing just this! Fort Walton Beach Medical Center is the only place from Pensacola to Tallahassee that offers this new and improved mammogram, claimed to be the best breast cancer detection breakthrough in 30 years because of the superior results the technology produces. It detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and has already detected its first cancer that wasn’t seen with the traditional 2D technology. 

What makes the GeniusTM 3D MammographyTM exam different from a standard mammogram? While similar in the process of taking images, the main difference is the machine captures multiple images or slices of the breast from several angles, creating a multi-layered breast image. Results are far more accurate because doctors can examine the breast one thin layer at a time, leading to a detailed diagnosis. 

Besides providing accurate results, a GeniusTM 3D MammographyTM exam reduces callbacks by up to 40%. There is no need to take time (and money) out of your busy day repeatedly for a follow-up now that there is access to a machine that turns a mammogram into a one-and-done type of process. The scan takes less than four seconds and delivers a low dose of radiation well within FDA guidelines. It is available to all women who already undergo a standard mammogram. 

Medical advancements are being made right here at home on the Emerald Coast. When it’s time for your next mammogram, go to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center to receive the highest quality service with the highest quality equipment in our area!

Cool factors: More accurate mammogram, reduces callbacks by 40%, detects breast cancer 41% more than 2D machines

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