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Coolest Way to Help the Environment

07/05/2016 03:39PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Coolest Way to Help the Environment

Trees Destin

65 Lands End Drive Destin, FL

(850) 462-3703

Summertime is all about letting loose and trying hobbies you normally wouldn’t have time for during the school year, right? Well, lending a hand and getting involved in a non-profit can be included in that list of hobbies too! Because let’s be honest, helping the world around us is what non-profits are all about, but it also can give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing a good deed has been done on your part.  Search no further! Trees Destin inspired by Trees Atlanta was founded in 2015 by Allen French and is a local way to get involved and better our community by planting one lush tree at a time.

 Trees Destin is all about planting trees, conservation of current trees, and becoming educated about the subject! The trees planted improve the quality of the Emerald Coast by bettering schools, parks, neighborhoods, and businesses by providing clean air, more oxygen, habitat for wild life, an improvement in water quality and more. It’s especially important to regulate the blazing heat of summer and protect children from ultra-violet rays with a little shade. The list goes on and on as to why trees are so vital to a healthy and happy life!  

This local non-profit has planted its way to success by putting nearly 100 trees in the ground since French started the organization in January 2015. Trees Destin has partnered with 


 the City of Destin to recently plant 18 trees on Main Street along with five trees donated to Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village and an educational program and tree planting at Destin Middle School. Programs such as “Plant a Tree to Honor a Loved One” and “Plant a Tree to Honor a Loved Dog” are in place for people to buy trees such as live oaks to serve both the community and loved ones. Each tree purchased comes with a plaque and is tax deductible.

To get involved you can join as a member, and business sponsors are encouraged to support the cause. 

Cool factors: Encourages environmental growth, supports a non-profit, benefits large numbers of people, plant trees in honor of others, see your tree grow up over the years

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