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Bridge Tolls Going Up?

07/23/2015 07:50AM ● Published by Nancy Babin

A local public meeting is set for July 30th by the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority to hear what local residents think of possible higher prices to use the roadway and bridge.

The Niceville public meeting will be held at the Niceville Community Center, 208 N. Partin Drive from 6-8pm. 

The Bridge Authority are discussing several pricing options, including keeping the current toll schedule.  This night is the night for your voice to be heard. Up for consideration too is increasing cash tolls and toll-by-plate, but not the tolls for SunPass users. They may  considered a discount of some sort for frequent bridge users.

Currently motorists with a two-axle vehicle pay $3 to cross the bridge ($2 for SunPass users). Toll-by-plate charges are $1.50 for two-axle vehicles to use the connector road ($1 for SunPass users).

A decision on a price hike could come as early as August 20.

This is all a possibility so please show up and let your voices be heard. $6 to get to work and school is expensive for most. 

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