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Coolest on the Coast!

07/03/2015 11:09PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

By Teresa Farkas

Not too long ago, our beautiful Emerald Coast was known more as a sleepy fishing village, a desolate place to live and just an outer bank. "Who would want to go there?" people would remark.  As we all know, those days are long gone. Our small island shed its former reputation and has evolved into a very cool place to be in the southeast. It has turned many an eye. It has emerged as one of the prettiest places to live and visit in America! No other coast rivals ours and the secret is well out! Investors coming in over the past 20+ years have really put our area on the map. We are now a destination for thousands of tourists each year and the home to many.  

Over the past five years readers have enjoyed our Coolest on the Coast edition which comes out in July and covers the months of both July and August. This issue helps visitors navigate our coast to find some really great treasures our area has to offer. Timeless fun spots to new adventures and treasures await and speckle our area, giving us all reason to get out, explore and be informed. 

We hope you'll enjoy this year's great picks that you shared with us and wrote us about to be included in this year's "Coolest on the Coast."  We hope you'll discover a new hit, hidden treasure or an old favorite re-invented to bring on the summer fun and bring out the inner kid inside you! Welcome to our 2015 list! 

  1. Coolest Dinosaur Adventure
  2. Coolest New Restaurant
  3. Coolest New Pirate Voyage
  4. Coolest Home-Cooked Meals
  5. Coolest Place to Make Discoveries
  6. Coolest Place to Get Crafty
  7. Coolest Laser for "Tattoo Regret"
  8. Coolest New Family and Urgent Care
  9. Coolest Hibachi Show and Sushi
  10. Coolest Way to Be Styled
  11. Coolest Fast-Track in Town
  12. Coolest Spring Water on the Coast
  13. Coolest Pediatric Dentistry
  14. Coolest Place to Meet Superheroes and Villains
  15. Coolest New Health Care in Sandestin
  16. Coolest Way to Eat In on 30A
  17. Coolest New Water Ride
  18. Coolest New Hangout Spot
  19. Coolest Place to see Art
  20. Coolest New Baby

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This Month's Issue:


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