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Coolest Spring Water on the Coast

07/03/2015 04:38PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Vortex Springs 

1517 Vortex Springs Ln, Ponce De Leon, FL 32455

(850) 836-4979 

Vortex Springs is an exciting place to swim and play away from the beaches of the Gulf. Families can also camp at the Vortex campgrounds and enjoy the spring from a convenient location. 

The natural spring water stays a cool 68 degrees year round and is a fun place for families to dive, swim, paddleboard, kayak, canoe and tube -  all available for daily rental. Food and beverages are allowed at Vortex Springs which is a great opportunity for an outdoor picnic with the family. 

Daily admission is $6 per person. The springs are open Monday-Thursday 8-5, and Friday-Sunday 7-7. Vortex springs also features a diving board, slides, jump platforms and an old-fashioned rope swing that has become a popular signature of Vortex Springs over the years.

For diving enthusiasts, Vortex Springs features two man-made caves for diving exploration and training. They also offer an open water diving certification for those not not already certified to dive. 

Cool Factors: Coolest springs, camping, diving, slides, fun for the whole family

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