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Great Dates for Dads and Daughters

05/01/2015 01:07PM ● Published by Melanie Teague

Do you want to take your daughter out but aren’t quite sure how to plan an activity that you will both enjoy? If you are looking to stray from the traditional dinner and a movie, try one of the following activities with your daughter. If you find comfort in numbers, invite along another father and daughter to join you.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Enjoying the great outdoors with your daughter will give her an appreciation for nature. Take your daughter for a walk along a river or lake. Lie down in the grass and make out shapes in the clouds. Take a hike. Along your walk you may be able to find a spot to take her fishing and bait her hook for her. Have a picnic in the park and feed birds. Skips rocks along a lake or climb a tree. Watch a sunrise or a sunset from a favorite spot. The outdoor opportunities to spend time together are plentiful.

Channel Your Altruism

Teach your daughter the value of helping others by volunteering together. Whether you decide to visit a nursing home, serve at a homeless shelter or pick up trash, your daughter will see you as a helper of others when you volunteer. Ask her what causes are important to her or share with her what causes are important to you.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

It may be a little stereotypical, but girls love shopping. Take her to her favorite store and let her pick out a few items. If you’re on a budget, take her to the closest thrift store and see who can put together the most outrageous outfit. For fun and games, see who can find the weirdest item at the toy store.

Go Wild!

Take your dogs for a walk around the neighborhood or, if you don’t have any pets, visit a pet store. She may want to take home a new friend so be sure you know what you’re getting into. For an unforgettable good time, take her horseback riding. If you have the option, visit a local zoo and really go wild!

Hot Summer Days

There is so much to do outside during the hot months of summer. Get outside and have a water balloon fight. Take her swimming at your local pool or up the ante with a trip to a water park. Build a sandcastle together on a family trip to the beach. When all else fails, summer is the perfect time for ice cream.

Cold Winter Fun

Frozen fun is all around during the winter months. Whether you live in a cold weather location or not, snow is just a plane or car ride away. Skiing, tubing, and sledding for the active father/daughter duo can be topped off by building a snowman or snow for and having a snowball fight. Just be nice dad!

History’s Mysteries

History isn’t just about dates and places. It is about the people who lived through the significant events of that time. Tour a local historical spot and learn about the people who lived and worked then. Personal history counts too. Take her to where you grew up or make a time capsule and bury it someplace only the two of you know.

Get Sporty Outside

Aside from attending sporting events, which may not thrill a non-sporty daughter, there are many outdoor activities that the two of you can do. Go disc golfing or for a bike ride. Try miniature golfing and only keep score if it makes it more fun. Go on a paddle boat, canoe, or kayak but don’t rock the boat. If you must take her to a sporting event, make sure to treat her to cotton candy.

Get Active Inside

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can connect with indoor activities. Learn to rock climb indoors, go bowling or try your hand at roller or ice skating. Just don’t take her down with you if you fall!

Foodie Fun

Whether you are the world’s best chef or a novice in the kitchen, food can be fun. Try some international cuisine or plan and make a meal together. Cooking and connecting will nourish your body and your soul.

At Home

If you’re not up for going out, you can still connect with your daughter at home. Play some interactive video games such as Wii sports or Let’s Dance. Send the rest of the family out and snuggle up to watch a movie or a show of her choosing. Spend some time with her in her room playing with her toys. You might be surprised at how much fun you’ll have.

Whatever you decide, make sure the activity is fun for both of you and you will be making memories in no time.

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