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January/February 2015 Issue!

01/06/2015 11:29AM ● Published by Melanie Teague

It's a new year and with that comes the resolve to get organized, get healthy and try harder to get better at, well, everything! Every year our family makes one family resolution.  One year we resolved to not drink any sodas. Mom and Dad loved the idea and even Skylar was on board, but Kobe, not so much. But as we held each other accountable it turned out to be not so hard and guess what?  We ALL made it through that year and even took our new good habits into future years. Well, maybe not zero soda in the future years but a substantial cutback. You see, as a family unit, together we can do great things. We have each other’s backs and isn't that what family is all about?

Over the years I have been asked time and time again to do an issue on special needs. I honestly planned to do one last year but as we all know, there is a difference between what we mean to do and what actually happens.  On this New Year, however, I am happy to report that with the help of many, it has finally come to fruition! This issue has given me the opportunity to meet some great families, to understand what they go though and what their goals are.  These parents are not just sitting back and waiting to see what life hands them next. They want the same things everyone wants for their children but might take for granted - to walk, to play on a playground, to share with friends, to laugh. They manage the extraordinary as they reach out to help not only their own children but others as well as they see the voids that need to be met. Their exuberance is contagious as they blaze trails to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. You can't help but cheer! 

And with that said, as you meet the families in this issue, why not take this opportunity to talk to your child about kids who may be a bit different at school, on the playground, in church, at a restaurant, at activities or just out and about. This is your chance as a parent to model acceptance to your children as they will model after you. 

I'm also excited to present this area’s resource guide for those with special needs and for those who would really like to get involved in our community. Involvement truly does bring great joy to both the volunteer and to those they are helping. There are just so many wonderful opportunities to help and make a difference.

This year I wish you a year filled with health, protection, prosperity, memories to cherish and love in abundance.  

Happy New Year!

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