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FCAT & EOC's have you concerned?

01/02/2015 12:35PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

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The final month of senior year is supposed to be one of the best of a high school student's life. Classes are winding down and students are dreaming of a final summer of fun before college or career beckons. Shawn, however, found himself in quite a different situation. Instead of planning for the future and celebrating with his friends, he was desperately trying to finish up his coursework: he needed to pass the exams of two full semesters of math in less than one month in order to graduate.

Shawn's story isn't as unusual as you might think. For years he struggled with math but somehow managed to squeak by and pass to the next grade. His lack of understanding finally caught up with him, and he seemingly had nowhere to turn. More and more students are finding themselves falling behind in core subjects like math or language arts. Crowded classrooms, new curriculum goals such as Common Core and a focus on standardized testing have made it increasingly difficult for struggling students to get the help they need. Once a student falls behind in class, it becomes very difficult for them to catch up without specific targeted intervention.

Sometimes the problems manifest themselves early on. Lilly was finishing first grade but wasn't moving on to second. She just couldn't grasp reading well enough to meet the new standards. Despite the best efforts of her teacher and parents, Lilly was falling further and further behind. She was feeling the frustrations as well and even began to see herself as a failure at six years of age.  Lilly's parents decided they needed some assistance outside the school system. Where to turn was the question.

Private tutors have been around for years, but success is highly dependent on the individual tutor and the relationship they can form with the student.  Until recently, there was no structured alternative. This is where the Tutoring Center at Grand Boulevard comes in. As part of a national proven system, they have been helping students in the area for over two years. Their "Rotational Approach to Learning" combined with the system of "One-to-One Instruction" can help students develop skills that will last a lifetime.  As a result of the tutorial relationship, students become more self-confident and self-directed learners. Tutors also introduce study and learning methods that assist students in developing new habits for learning.

Lilly's parents brought her to The Tutoring Center in April of her first grade. After working with the tutors twice a week, Lilly was able to bring her grades up and was promoted to the second grade. Lilly continued to work with the tutors over the summer, a time when many students backslide and lose important skills. By the end of the first quarter in second grade, Lilly was on the honor roll. More importantly, she had a new-found confidence and love of learning. 

Feeling the pressure to graduate and the fear of failing, Shawn also turned to The Tutoring Center.  He had only a month and a half to sufficiently learn and understand the concepts of both math classes, something even his tutor was concerned about. Shawn, like many struggling students, was pessimistic when it came to math, feeling it was something he would never “get.” However, when he learned that math was a process with steps that are followed like a set of directions and that those steps never change, math became a little easier. When the day came for Shawn’s final exams, his tutors anxiously awaited to hear from him. Shawn called and, with excitement in his voice, delivered the news. He had passed not one but both of his math classes. Thanks to Shawn’s dedication and commitment to his tutoring, he went on to graduate with the rest of his class. 

Children who are struggling like Shawn and Lilly were are encouraged to consider seeking help from The Tutoring Center. The earlier they get started, the more they will excel and the less chance they have to develop poor work habits and weak academic skills. When you enroll with The Tutoring Center, you will help turn your child's future from a day-to-day challenge into a lifelong success story.
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