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11/20/2014 11:18PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

It brings me such joy when I receive emails, phone calls and texts about something we've shared with you in our magazine. Our last issue featured my son Kobe standing with books in one hand and a surfboard in the other. He was wearing both "summer" attire and "back to school" attire, and my phone rang! I got questions such as, "My family has a bet going on. Can you tell me if the clothes he's wearing are sewn together or Photoshopped?"  "Did you combine two pictures together?" "How did you do that?" Well, the truth is, there was NO Photoshop, it's not two pictures and no, the clothes are not sewn together. 

In my previous life, my husband was in the fashion industry in California both as a designer and a photographer. He put many people on the map with his designs and photography and as a team, we were used to doing unusual, artistic photo shoots very quickly.  For this shoot, we simply used paper clips and clipped and folded everything together to make this look! It was fun but I must say, not so much for my son who was having a hard time holding all the heavy books and the surfboard on the hottest day of the year (remember that day?) as his poor feet were burning up without shoes! Thank goodness, we are quick! Thank you, Kobe, for hanging in there.

Something exciting happened in the City of Destin recently. They set another world record (Joe Fejes set a record by running 134 miles in sand, Dewy Destins has the largest Hush Puppy, and we have numerous records for fish) and this time it had to do with the kids from Destin Elementary School! They made history being the largest tennis lesson given (806 is the official count) on October 30th! We had the pleasure of being the official photographers at the event and all the pictures we took can be viewed at Feel free to download any you choose and see the full article about this story on the site as well!
In this issue, with the holiday season upon us, we want to touch base on different ways to give… from giving gifts to others to giving of yourself with your time and efforts, from giving to yourself in health and well-being to giving a boost up on education to your child, from sharing great books to giving your home a holiday lift! ‘Tis the season and a great time to embrace what this year has offered us all and hope for what the New Year may bring.
Here at On the Coast Magazine, we want to reach out to you and say thank you for being loyal, communicative readers. We love to hear from you and all your suggestions about articles you'd like to see. We enjoy researching your ideas and learning in the process. One thing we found out from you is that you wanted to see prize giveaways. We are answering your request this issue with our first prize bundle of kid goodies worth over $200! You can register to win on both our website and Facebook page. We will be offering prizes in our newsletters as well. Look for them in your inbox every other month. What??? You don't get our newsletters??? Well, that can change with a visit to our website On the home page, click Subscribe, and that is all it takes to be kept in the loop with our contests and specials exclusive to On the Coast!
Each day is a gift, my friends, and you are a gift as well! I encourage each of you to reach to others every day and spread your cheer… not just during the holidays but every day!
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