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Holiday Season Success Strategies

11/04/2014 09:46PM ● Published by Paul Hunter

Maybe you’ll even skip a few workouts, using those visiting family and friends as an excuse.  And eat.

Hey, did you see that last line?  Go back and read it again.  I know, you’re thinking, nah, doesn’t sound like me.  The figures show that during the holiday season, people tend to miss workouts and eat more, resulting in an average of a pound of weight gain per month.  Note, I said “average,” meaning some gain little if any and others over 10 pounds.  

When people gather and there is food present, frequently the choices selected are meant to be easy but not always healthy. You’ve been around a while.  This isn’t new. No saying, “Oops, I put celery, carrots and peppers on my plate and they just turned into wings, cake and a casserole!”  Nope, won’t work.

How can you have success keeping the weight off and feeling better about the upcoming year?  Have a strategy going into the season.  If you have this, it can be fitted to you and your needs.  I have listed below a few ideas to get you started.


Have a plan

 Sometimes get-togethers spring up on you, often you will know in advance.  If you know you have something coming up at the end of the week, eat better at the beginning.  More salads, lower-calorie foods and less alcohol.  Also, grab a large salad or other produce prior to arriving so when you get to the party, you will have partially filled your tank with lower-caloric, higher-nutrition foods, and you’ll make better choices when waiting to get food because you won’t be starving.

Drink lots of water

This can help you stave off hunger and decrease the amount of alcohol you drink.  If not water, then some seltzer.  Also, don’t feel the need to jump right in and fill your plate or glass.  Patience goes a long way.


Limit your choices

It is common for there to be a large variety of food at a party.  Choices are great until you decide to try every option on the menu.  Limit yourself to two or three.  You’ll be more selective.  Now, be sure you can still see your plate after you’ve placed food on it.  

Be happy with your first plate

Wait a bit before you feel the need to refill.  You may find the first go-round was perfect and a second would only put you over the top.

What if the party is at your house?  Then what?  Now you are in control of what’s on the table.  


Wear tighter clothes when cooking

You’ll find that the tighter, less-comfortable clothes will make you more conscious of yourself and you’ll make different choices as a result.  


Go easy on the tasting

Make familiar dishes and you’ll know how they taste.  A spoonful here and a small nibble there all add up.  It is easy for 50-calorie bites to amount to 500 calories.


Give away the leftovers

Be a great host: buy give-away containers ahead of time and plan to share.  If it’s not in your house, you probably won’t eat it.

Exercise daily

Stay active: walk, jog, run, do pushups and planks, plan to go chop down your own tree.  Try the workout DVD that has been gathering dust… anything to keep you active on a daily basis.

Your body is a result of your habits.  If you consistently make good choices for your body, a couple bites will have far less impact.  Get started now in preparation for the season ahead. 


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