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Adopt Me Please!

10/27/2014 01:24PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Buffy. I'm about 2 1/2 years old, and I have a secret. Try to keep this just between us, okay? I am secretly taking applications for a forever home. Yep, that's right. I would rather Alaqua not know this, because it might hurt their feelings, as they have been so kind to me.

You see, I came to Alaqua Animal refuge this summer with a belly full of babies. Not only did Alaqua help me with their births, but they spayed and neutered all of my puppies, so they wouldn't suffer like me and wind up homeless and helpless. My puppies all found wonderful homes, thanks to the people at Alaqua, but that's not all. They spayed me, so I wouldn't have any more babies, got me up-to-date on my shots, and microchipped me so I would never get lost again. I also had heart worms, so they treated me for that. The volunteers and staff would sit with me during my treatment and give me love and comfort. Now, I am a healthy and happy dog. They tell me I am super smart, as I follow commands easily. I am selective in my friendships, I will admit, but it's because I am reserved. I am very friendly though, I walk on a leash like a show dog and I always keep my kennel tidy. My coat is easy to care for. Just wash, let me shake, and that's it - instant beauty!

I am so thankful for this amazing place called Alaqua, yet during my stay here I have discovered something called a "forever" home. That is where my puppies went and many of the friends I have made here. So that is why my "top secret" mission is to find my very own home. So, if you or anyone you know wants to have the devotion of a well-behaved dog, I am accepting applications. It is important that we meet. So bring your completed application to me at my temporary address at Alaqua in Freeport, FL, between the hours of 12-5 every day. During our interview, you will see for yourselves what a sweet girl I am.

One lucky family will be the winner of...little old ME! I promise to love, protect, and give them a lot of joy and happiness. Get your applications in early, "Operation Buffy-Love"  starts today! Oh and my adoption fee is just $43 thanks to the "Pay What They Weigh" Special. 

Pet of the Week stories are written by Gaye Patton.

Jill Tanner
Alaqua Animal Refuge
Mobile - 850.419.0433 
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