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5 Ways Art Class is Improving your Child’s Education

10/15/2014 06:49PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned 
by all children. Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing techniques children need while developing learning skills that give them an academic advantage in the classroom. Yes, that's right!

Just like reading and writing, drawing is a form of expressive intellect that can manifest itself if taught properly. Bette Fetter, Founder & CEO of Young Rembrandts and Author of “Being Visual”, describes drawing as “…the fundamental form of visual communication. Visual Literacy, the ability to read, write, respond to and interpret visual images, is not complete if critical visual writing, producing, composing are not experienced and practiced often.” 

Drawing classes help children with: 

Social Development – Making art is uniquely human and allows children to explore and discover parts of them that are critical to their social and emotional development. Making art allows children to get in touch with their emotions, to express themselves, understand others, reflect on their work and learn from their mistakes. Time spent doing and learning about art helps us appreciate beauty, embrace diversity and value aesthetics.

Creative Outlet – Art is one of very few activities that offer children an outlet for creative expression. Unlike many of today’s passive activities, making art requires children to engage. It provides children a place and way to share themselves, to show what’s on their mind and to illustrate their ideas. Making art gives children a sense of power and the opportunity to share themselves in a way that matters. It tells them that they have a voice, a way to contribute, a way to impact the world.

Academic Performance – Art class is a highly visual activity that develops a unique set of abilities that profoundly affect academic performance. Along with stimulating and developing the right side of the brain, art helps visual learners, the majority of our student population, develop the visual aptitude they rely on to learn effectively. Art is absolutely critical to the success of visual learners.

Intellectual Development – Attention to detail, time on task and perseverance are core skills that under gird successful learning in all subjects. They are skills that are hard to measure, but essential to success. These skills are best developed through participation in a structured, enjoyable, multisensory activity. Art is just that type of activity and art class helps children develop learning skills in ways academic classes can’t.

Out of the Box Thinking - Participation in art class exposes children to new ideas and new ways of seeing things. As students learn about master artists, a variety of cultures and different ways to express ideas, they become more tuned into with their own ideas. Art helps children learn to think for themselves, consider multiple viewpoints and explore a wider range of possibilities, while providing a safe environment to explore and share their unique ideas.Why drawing? Like math, science or reading where children must first learn how to add and subtract before they learn how to multiply or divide, drawing is the bedrock skill required for all future artistic success. 

Unleash your child’s creativity with The Power of DrawingTM. Young Rembrandts offers drawing classes as an afterschool program to children ages 3 ½ -12 years. Young Rembrandts is an acclaimed art program, with original, innovative art curriculum developed by a team of educators and artists. Our tiered lesson plans and multisensory approach to learning meet every child at their unique ability level. Our volume of curriculum is designed so a child can be enrolled from pre-school to sixth grade and never repeat a lesson. This allows our students to continually build skills and develop their personal style and creativity. 

For more information on Young Rembrandts in your area or to register for a class, please visit  Visit their facebook at
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