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Coolest Quiet Place to Get Immersed

07/04/2014 03:05PM ● Published by Melanie Teague

Hidden Lantern Bookstore
84 N Barrett Sq. Rosemary Beach, FL 32461
(850) 231-0091

Once upon a time there was a bookshop.  Tucked away in the hidden beauty of Rosemary Beach, it remains to this day a pleasant and lovely place for people to spend time reading, learning, and relaxing. 

The story of the Hidden Lantern Bookstore in Rosemary Beach continues as people visit it every day. Stocked with the newest popular books as well as old favorites, it exhibits a quality of books you would not expect to find in such a cozy, hidden little place. The homelike atmosphere allows readers to snuggle up on the couches and chairs to delve into a new book or discover hidden mysteries. With books for kids, teens, and adults, this little bookstore is a popular place for readers of all ages. 

The selection of books goes on and on, from biographies and diaries to best sellers, children’s books and fine art books.  With its 10,000 titles, you are certain to find the perfect book.   This fantastic little store also contains fun and useful items such as notecards, activity books, sketchbooks, art supplies, and journals so that any reader, writer, artist, or explorer can spend hours there and not even notice the time go by.

Come delve into the secrets of the books in the Hidden Lantern Bookstore in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Cool Factors: Newest books, homey atmosphere

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