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Coolest Way to Defy Gravity

07/03/2014 03:43PM ● Published by Melanie Teague

Baytowne Adventure Zone 
Baytowne Wharf, Santa Rosa Beach FL

Action! Thrill! Fun, fun, fun! You can experience all these at the Adventure Zone in Baytown Wharf. The Zone is spread all throughout Baytowne and includes a ropes course, bungee jump, massive rock wall, and zip line. 

One of the most thrilling, high-in-the-sky attractions is the ropes course which includes two different courses:  a small yet exciting one for toddlers and a huge towering maze of ropes and poles for adventurous teens. The goal is to reach the top and ring the bell, but you can stay on for as long as you like!  It is challenging and exciting yet safe at the same time. The adventurer is first hooked up to a strong harness which is then hooked with thick metal clasps to a rope that is attached to a bar. For those wanting to climb, don’t worry - the harness is barely noticeable. As you walk the rope is pulled along behind you. The rope will keep you from falling and is actually useful when it comes to some of the harder obstacles.

Right across from the ropes course is the bungee jump. Test your acrobatic abilities on this bouncy activity by performing flawless backflips and jumping so high you feel like you’re flying. You may think you could never do that, even on a trampoline. However, these super stretchy cords attached to you help you fly high and twist around as you flip backwards, forwards, this way and that.

Finally, the massive rock wall and zip line are just as thrilling and breathtaking. First, scale a huge 40’ tall rock tower, scrambling to try to get to the top first. Next, climb a series of stairs to get to the zip line.  At 40’ high and shooting 300’ across the Baytown lagoon, you will feel like Superman. The Baytowne Adventure Zone is perfect for kids of all ages with an adventurous spirit. 

Cool Factors: A thrilling ropes course, action-packed zip line, towering rock wall, and exhilarating bungee jump
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