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Coolest Place to Dance the Night Away

07/03/2014 03:26PM ● Published by Melanie Teague

Pensacola Swing
Friday evenings, 8:30 to midnight
1401 W. Intendencia St.
(850) 437-5465

Bring your friends and enjoy an evening of music, dancing, and lots of fun!   Whether you want to learn the Charleston step, spend a night out with friends, or just dance and have fun, Pensacola Swing is the place for you. Featuring dance lessons, popular music, and enthusiastic teachers, this Friday night event will have you swinging in no time. 

Swing dancing is a fun, exhilarating form of dancing that is easy to learn, fun to try, and an enjoyable community event. As the dancers themselves say, “When you're swing dancing, for a few minutes you become an actor, a dancer, a choreographer. You become the best version of yourself as you let go of life's concerns."  "Everyone is so friendly at swing dancing. I learned how to dance by other people volunteering to teach me." "It's Friday night! It's swing night!"

So head over to the American Legion Post 33 and spend a cool night of fun at the Pensacola Swing.  A $5 admission price will get you an hour-long lesson (8:30-9:30) and an evening of dancing until midnight in an alcohol- and smoke-free environment.   Stepping into this building is like stepping back in time. Enjoy a unique, fun, entertaining night at Pensacola Swing!

Cool factors:  Dancing, lessons, bringing the community together through dance, free lessons 8:30-9:30
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