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Be Prepared

05/06/2014 08:34AM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Be Prepared by Paul Hunter

Recently, one of the members of my gym went on a bird-watching trip.  She began her days at 4:30 am so she could be up and in the proper position prior to the birds waking for maximum opportunity to observe nature at its finest.  One morning the tour woke and hiked into position atop one of the Mayan ruins to prepare for the day’s sounds and sights. 


My friend and gym member is a 70-year-old woman who has been walking on a treadmill in “dynamic mode” - meaning as a “manual treadmill” - for at least 45 minutes at a time.  The belt is disengaged from the motor and she has to push the belt for it to move, thus requiring even more muscles activation than a normal treadmill and thus greater energy output. 


As a result, she was the only one on the tour not sore from the daily hikes and long days - and she was the oldest member of the tour.  She was prepared for her trip and thus got more out of her trip because nothing was stopping her from experiencing what she went there for. 


So, what is the moral of the story?  Be prepared.


She knew she was going on the trip and prepared for it.  As a result, she enjoyed her trip even more because she was not concerned about her conditioning being a limitation and was able to see things many others her age or even younger could never have seen - all due to her conditioning. 


When engaged in an activity, if you are thinking about your body, you are probably thinking of the wrong thing.  You ought to be thinking about that in which you are engaged.  Whether you are seeking health, fitness or to be competitive, success favors the prepared.


This summer there are lots of activities along the Florida Gulf Coast including stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), surfing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, boating, field sports, keeping up with the kids and wherever they drag you (parenting), etc.  Some people even go somewhere else for a new experience.  Try something new; take a risk.  Sign up for a race, tour or activity that gets you active.  There is nothing like making a commitment to get the feet moving in preparation. 


Walking, running, squatting, jumping, pushups, rowing, eating well and drinking lots of water will assist you on your way towards being prepared for new adventures and activities.  If you are stepping up your game, I suggest at least getting a consultation with a training professional for suggestions and tips.  Many tour companies have information on minimum requirements for each activity. 


Remember, be prepared because “Success favors the prepared.”


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