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A Home Turned Inside Out

03/30/2014 10:10AM ● Published by Nancy Babin

The pear trees are blooming white.  The grass is turning green again. Families are out biking and hitting the beach. Energy abounds! Smiles are contagious and hibernation is over.  All of us here On the Coast who survived an unusually blistery winter can say in one accord, “Thank goodness!” And along with being thankful, everyone is planning the annual spring clean. Yes, spring is here!

Yet, while you undergo the annual clean and de-clutter of your physical house, have you ever thought about an annual mind and body de-clutter? I know for me after a busy winter of parties, shopping and crazy schedules, my brain is a bit foggy, my thoughts are unclear and I am generally rendered useless. Freshening our homes is important, but our bodies need the same attention. Call it a break from the unhealthy western diet full of processed foods that we eat year-round. Label it a release from the everyday stresses of work and kiddos. Or, attribute it to coming off of three extremely busy holiday months. Whew! Our minds and bodies need a deep clean as well.  

Getting our minds, bodies and spirits in a place of wellness and peace is critical when our everyday lives present things out of our control and precipitate chaos and disorder. It is critical to the successful resolution of the obstacles we face daily. We can do this by breaking it all down into a manageable plan to build our minds and bodies back up stronger and ready to face the days ahead….a complete house in order, inside and out!

Here are some ways:

Flush it out!
There are mixed opinions floating around about cleanses. I think they are great if they are done properly.  The best cleanse is one that has a quality fiber drink and probiotic blend to restore and replenish, as well as an herbal combination that will help rid your body of toxins. For best results combine this with not a complete fast but a fast of certain toxic unhealthful foods such as alcohol and sugary sodas, sugar, processed and deep-fried foods. Follow this cleanse by implementing better whole food choices as opposed to entering the nutrient-depleted food war again.

Sweat it out!
Find some type of physical activity you enjoy and set a goal to do it at least 3-4 times a week. Endorphins are released, calories are burned, your heart is strengthened and your body is checking in to fight free radicals that want to wreak havoc on your cells and cause a myriad of chronic disease states. 

Keep it Out!
Determine once the cleanse is over to stay the course on eating well at least 80% of the time. Allow yourself a couple of higher-calorie cheat meals a week just to keep you motivated.  You will end up feeling much better mentally and physically that you might even forego a cheat every now and then.  Food can be medicinal or poison harmful. The choice is yours. 

Rise and Shine
Some people just aren’t morning folk. But getting up before my family wakes and having quiet time to have coffee in peace and read my devotional sets the tone for the day. Because I have done that for years, my body now has its own internal alarm. I naturally wake up at about the same time every morning, even on weekends. Things certainly come up to create chaos during the day but with a clear mind, I am better prepared. 

A Daily Dose 
Find a devotional that feeds your soul as well as your mind. Choose one that is uplifting and encouraging but challenges your core as well. Who are you? What were you created for? What is your purpose? How can you make a difference? Take a minute to meditate on what you read instead of quickly closing the book and moving on to something else. As someone once said, a daily devotion is much better than a yearly resolution.

Stay Current
I realize there isn’t much positivity in the media lately but it is still important to stay informed and connected in order to affect change. This honestly has been a weakness of mine since the news is the arch nemesis of an uplifting devotional time, but I have set a goal for this year to follow a media outlet online that makes it simple for me to browse and scan informative national and international issues. 

Check it Off
Always write down a goal list for the next day. Do this before going to bed. But be realistic! The list frees up mental space in our minds, allowing us to focus on other things and keep us on track for the day.

A house in order is great! But having order in our minds, bodies and spirits somehow makes us more effective in our everyday lives and strengthens us for the storms that arise. It moves us from simply yielding to what life throws at us to an exceptional resolve of navigating it from the inside out.  
About the Author:

About the Author:

Crystal Tingle, along with her husband of 18 years and 3 boys, has been living in the Destin area since 2005. She is Founder of www.Healthy-Simple- which is a resource website created to teach and empower women to become the best version of themselves at any age through healthy food and fitness. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.

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