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Jan/Feb 2014

01/06/2014 07:44PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Thumb_web-valentines-day A Parent's Guide to Reclaiming Valentine's Day
How to reclaim Valentine’s Day and make it special WITHOUT the kids! Read more



Thumb_web-scouting Scouting!
Building tomorrow’s leaders today. Read more




Kids Grow Green: Cashing in on Cabbage
One special third grade boy named Dominic Kelly from the Port St. Lucia area recently found both luck and great fortune in his whopping 38- pound cabbage! Read more


Thumb_web-ok-to-play It's OK to Play
Young children are active learners. They learn best with hands-on interactive play and discovery rather than the more formal rote method of imparting knowledge. Read more


Thumb_web-growing-up-online Growing Up Online: Common Sense about Selfies
The urge to capture an image of one’s self has been controversial ever since Narcissus starved to death because he couldn’t look away from his own reflection. Today parents are asking whether a selfie is an unhealthy form of self-absorption or a creative form of self-expression? Read more


Thumb_web-ask-the-expert Ask The Expert: How Can I Make The Most Of A Visit To The Pediatrician?
As parents, we've all had questions when taking a child to the doctor: What information should I bring? How do I keep track of my child's immunizations, medications, etc.? Read more



Thumb_web-family-sports Fitness on the Coast
Are you starting 2014 with a plan? If not, as soon as you finish reading this, make a list of what you want to happen this year – your goals. Read more



Thumb_web-weight-on-your-new-years Weight on your New Year’s Resolutions!
So many people, especially women, set their top New Year’s resolution as a weight loss goal and year after year fail. They start strong and then teeter out after only a few short weeks and vow to just try again next year. Why is this? Read more



Thumb_10964215875_5b01e58126_o The Idea is Very Simple!
100+ women contributing $1,000 each, creating a $100,000 grant to fund a community need. Read more



Thumb_great-books-web Great Books for Great Kids
There are some amazing new books that have just been released that will make that your child's "more reading" resolution a joy to keep. Read more



Thumb_winterolympics2014sochi-lrg Publisher's Page
Here we are! January/February 2014! I don’t know about all of you, but I for one did not think 2013 would ever end. I am looking forward to this new year with renewed vision, purpose and energy. And I am most excited about the 2014 Winter Olympics Games in Russia! Read more



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