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Fitness on the Coast

11/04/2013 10:41AM ● Published by Nancy Babin

It has been ten months since you began your New Year’s resolution(s). Now it
is “Tis the season to have your self-discipline challenged” by parties,
get-togethers and the seasonal sharing of goodies - salty, fatty and über
sweet. We shorten or miss workouts completely, never mind even thinking of
starting a new program. Our routines become scattered, disorganized and
lost in all the commotion.

Eh, let’s go shopping! Shopping burns calories, right? Well, of course - if we
do not sit our computers getting it all done. Be adventurous! Go store
shopping and put some steps in your day, 10,000 steps actually! If you’re not
sure how many steps you take a day, check out my first recommendation
below. (Uh, oh, you have to order it online - oops!)

Basis watch / computer. This cool piece is one of the few that measures and
displays your heart rate without having to wear a pesky belt around your
chest. In addition to heart rate, the number of steps and calories burned are
also ready to be seen. The watch can also be synched with your computer
where you will have full access to a host of other data including the amount
and quality of your sleep, skin temperature and even a perspiration index.
Act quickly as they are frequently back-ordered. $199 from
An apparatus for working out does not need to break the bank. Things to
outfit your home gym:

First, take care of your muscles. We tend to tolerate what we accept. Long
drive home or sitting in seasonal traffic? We eventually get used to it.
Typically our bodies do not suddenly become tight. Day by painstaking day
spent in poor posture trains our connective tissues to adapt to these
positions. When we begin moving we are thrown into biomechanic shock in
our attempt to change positions. We can improve this with a regular
“massage” using a technique called “self myofacial release” (SMR). Start
with a Grid from the Trigger Point Therapy company: $39.99 at
http: or at Grayton Beach Fitness.

Now, let’s get the body moving. You’ve got to move it, move it!

Medicine balls can be used to add resistance to almost any body
movement. Increasing intensity to an already established movement can be
had a few ways: Adding additional weight to an established movement will
put more basic load on the muscle groups in addition to improving grip
strength. If you are ready to increase momentum, medicine balls are great.
Wood-chops, slams and throws are all popular exercises to be performed.

A stability ball is used to provide an unstable surface, engage the “core”
and stabilizer muscles of the limbs. Commonly used to improve posture,
strength and balance, these have been around since the 1960s.
The last cool tool for the home is a “suspension trainer”. The most widely
known that arrives at your door with the best instructions come from TRX.
Originating in the SEAL teams, this apparatus allowed the soldiers to train in
very limited environments. These guys had to remain fit while on the job and
this system was created to do just that.

These items can be found in many places but, if you are looking for a
one-stop shop, head over to
Medicine Ball $40
Stability Ball $40
TRX Starting at $189

Lastly, hire a personal trainer. If you are new to exercise or learning new
techniques, use them more frequently. If you are seasoned, educated and
regularly apply your knowledge, use a trainer for further education and
motivation or program development. Have them evaluate your workout and
offer suggestions. Look for an educated trainer with a solid background.
Expect sessions to start at $35 for a half hour and double that for hour
sessions. Often you get what you pay for.
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