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Coolest Way to Boating Freedom

07/07/2013 07:03PM ● Published by Anonymous

What does “freedom” mean to you? How do you reach a state of liberty from confinement or restraint? In what ways do you exercise the power to determine action without restriction? Well, here On The Coast, as well as in 67 additional locations, the coolest, easiest way to achieve independence at least on the water is with the Freedom Boat Club! Once you are a member of the club you have FULL ownership privileges without any of the hassles or time constraints. That means any one of the club boats is yours to take out and enjoy any time you want without paying for dockage, maintenance, nor expending any of your precious time in cleaning and upkeep. 

The Freedom Boat Club has membership packages for families interested in sharing a plan, weekday-only retirees, business owners interested in offering boating perks to clients, previous boat owners who know the difficulties associated with sole ownership, military discounts and so much more. They even have a boat swap program where a current owner can trade in their boat in exchange for membership fees. And, the boat fleet is ever-evolving, trading out older models for younger ones so club members always have access to well-maintained, newer, reliable boats. 

The Destin-based club is the only one with a sailboat in its club fleet, and membership includes lessons in operation and safety training for heads of household. Paying one low monthly fee and having access to a whole fleet of diverse boats to meet your many different recreational needs, both locally and across the country, is definitely the coolest way to boat around! 

Cool Factors: All of the boating fun but without all the hassles!
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