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Coolest Place to Play

07/07/2013 06:58PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

The Landing in Fort Walton Beach
205 Brooks St. SE, Fort Walton Beach

At the Landing in Fort Walton Beach, just one street south of 98, there is this really COOL playground – literally! There are two huge old oak trees that shade nearly the entire playground area. In the infamous words of Will Ferrell in “Elf,” those trees are beautiful and “Gi-Normous!” The soft sand base, picnic tables, wide open grassy fields, boardwalk and deck along the water all combine to make this one of the most peaceful and serene playgrounds around. There is plenty of close parking, benches to sit on and watch the children play, and the all-important bathroom facilities.  

While we were at the Landing playground taking pictures for this article, we watched a large group break into a game of Ultimate Frisbee while another gathered around one of the picnic areas, laughing and playing in fellowship with one another. We met Benjamin, age six. He told me he comes to that playground every weekend.  When I asked him why, he replied, “Because Saturday and Sunday are for having fun and spending time with family!” When I asked him why this specific playground, he answered, “To meet new friends and play! Why else?”  The Landing is definitely a very cool playground to meet new friends and play. (And while you are there, stop by the Emerald Coast Science Center, another cool place to play On The Coast.)

Cool factors: Shade on a sunny day, cool breezes, great view, large green area and friends!

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