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Coolest On The Coast 2013

07/07/2013 07:07PM ● Published by Nancy Babin

Summer along the Emerald Coast is not exactly what meteorologists would describe as “cool”
– temperature-wise, that is. But summertime - when school is out, days are long and visitors are
here in full force - is one of our favorite times of the year here On The Coast! It is the perfect
time for us to share with you suggestions of our COOLEST places around town to see, visit, and
enjoy. The suggestions come from our readers, writers, editors and contributors alike. They are
in no particular order and each is totally awesome.

We thank all our contributors for their input and suggestions and we think you will enjoy the
following list. We hope you will take the time as a family or by yourself to enjoy them and discover
new adventures. And although they may not be not “cool” in the literal Webster’s dictionary sense,
they are all certainly “good and excellent” (slang dictionary) and above all else “outstanding and
marvelous” (World English dictionary)! And now, we present to you the Coolest On The Coast . . .

Thumb_scavenger_20hunt Coolest Scavenger Hunt
Seaside is celebrating by taking you back in time by offering a very cool scavenger hunt. If you can locate the Truman Show landmarks, you can enter to win some very cool prizes! Read more


Thumb_thexperience Coolest Newest Store On the Coast
TheXperience is the ultimate “one stop shop” for water and recreational sports fanatics, art collectors and fitness junkies! Read more



Coolest Game
Those of us who live, work, visit and love the Emerald Coast can now compete to own all that this magical area has to offer. Read more



Coolest Way to Boating Freedom
Once you are a member of the Freedom Boat Club you have FULL ownership privileges without any of the hassles or time constraints. Read more



Thumb_palapa Coolest Palapa on the Coast
Do you know what a palapa [puh-lah-puh; Spanish pah-lah-pah] is? It’s a simple, thatched roof dwelling, usually open on the sides. AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar on the Emerald Coast happens to have one of the largest, coolest ones found anywhere around. Read more


Thumb_paintball Coolest Way to be a Weekend Warrior
If you have every wanted to play like you were a soldier training for a mission, Hurlburt Air Force Base has just the thing. Read more




Coolest Place to be Entertained
South Walton’s Carmike Cinemas Boulevard 10 is indeed the absolutely coolest place to watch movies anywhere in the area! Read more



Thumb_meyers_20painting Coolest Way to Release the Artist in You
Have you ever doodled? Have you ever wanted to make those doodles last? Have you ever wanted a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art? Read more


Thumb_pickleball Coolest Place to be in a Pickle
Have you heard about “Pickleball”? Read more




Coolest Way to Go Back in Time
Destin has long been known for its fishing and watersports attractions, but there is one company working tirelessly to put this area on the map with historical bike tours! Read more



Thumb_3d_20imaging Coolest Way to Have X-Ray Vision
No one really wants to get an x-ray. But, with Advanced 3D Mobile Imaging it's easier than ever to get one. Read more



Thumb_alaqua Coolest Place to Hang with Animals
There is a small, little-known zoo in Crestview, FL doing some great things for area wildlife and locals alike. Read more



Thumb_best_bucc_picture_ever Coolest Adventure
Treasure hunts, sword fights, dancing and adventure on the largest boat in Destin Harbor! Read more



Thumb_soccer3 Coolest Activity on Friday Night
If you are looking for a cool new way to spend a Friday night, your search could be over! Read more



Thumb_skydive Coolest Way to Soar Like a Bird
Those who have taken the plunge will breathlessly tell you how it can be both “awesome” and “peaceful” at the same time. Read more



Thumb_ohana Coolest Place to Learn
Do you want to make your summer epic? Truly epic? Ohana Records offers individuals a chance to become a ROCK STAR!!! Read more



Thumb_tea_cottage Coolest Place for Teatime
Just off the beaten path in Fort Walton Beach, if you look hard enough, you will find a quaint, elegant little tea cottage that has found Cinderella’s magical shoe! Read more



Thumb_bippys_2 Coolest Yummiest Way to Eat Healthy
There are not enough words and not enough time to fully describe the cool scrumptious yumminess of Bippy’s By the Beach Frozen Yogurt. Read more



Thumb_msoda-modica Coolest Way to Make Your Day Pop
Straight from Seaside comes something that will put a smile on everyone’s face! Read more



Thumb_coolest_20place_20to_20play Coolest Place to Play
At the Landing in Fort Walton Beach, just one street south of 98, there is this really COOL playground – literally! Read more


 Congratulations to everyone that has made this years Coolest on the Coast list! No doubt this list continues to grow every year as our area continues to expand and develop. So with that said, we encourage you to write us with your ideas for Coolest on the Coast via our e-mail at

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