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Dawson Fletcher

04/30/2013 06:24PM, Published by Nancy Babin, Categories: Today, Today, Community

Dawson Fletcher

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Dawson Fletcher, only thirteen years old, has been seriously acting for two years. “When I was young I wanted to be a singer. I sang in the choir at my church and received a lead role in a play that we were putting on. I realized that acting was what I wanted to do.” 

Dawson began training with Darla Briganti Kain at Class Act Studio and Anne Marie Crouch with AMC Talent. There he took acting and theater classes as well as monologue and improv training. Most of early succes she credits to the training he received and the opportunities he was given through them.

One opportunity that really stands out was the chance to go to California to showcase for agents and managers.The process is competitive and exhausting, but in Dawson’s case very rewarding. “They would give scenes to twenty people to practice and rehearse. We would then have to perform for the casting directors.” Dawson’s first attempt was unsuccessful. He completed the showcase, but received no calls of interest. While this is very common, it was at this point that Dawson’s true commitment to his dream became evident. He began training even harder and went back for a second time to showcase. “The second time I auditioned I received interest from an agent who I admired and they wanted to sign me.”

His first co-star role was as a character named “Justin” on the episode “The Contractual Obligation Implementation” of the television series, The Big Bang Theory. Soon after, he was cast as a guest-star on Good Luck Charlie. “I played Brice Jenkins who was the tough kid in school on Good Luck Charlie. When the main character accidentally punches me in the face, he becomes scared of me the rest of the episode.” You also see Dawson in the upcoming movie, Ender’s Game, which is said to be released in the fall of 2013.

His time is spent traveling back and forth from his home in Destin, Florida to California. “I get to come home often. Since January I have been in California, so it’s usually that I am home for a few months at a time and California for months at a time.” His work does not stop though when he comes home. Between school and spending time with his friends and playing sports with his family, he is busy taping audition roles and sending them off. While his time at home in busy nonetheless, it isn't the same as when he is in California. “Sometimes when I am in California I could have three auditions in a row. I have school and acting classes on top of that. It’s hard and overwhelming sometimes, but I am always reminded daily that I am getting to live out my dream.”

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