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Goals and Galas

11/11/2012 08:17AM, Published by Christie Gibson, Categories: Fitness

WOW! What a year! Since 2005, Felix Baumgartner has been working on plans to accomplish the goal to expand the boundaries of human flight. Since its inception, he has surrounded himself with a support team of doctors, scientists, engineers and financial contributors. He needed special equipment and physical, mental and emotional training to complete a feat that had never before been accomplished or even attempted. On Sunday, October 14, 2012, he did it. Felix rose to an altitude of more than 127,000 feet and jumped and fell faster than any person, breaking Mach 1 (unofficial for now, until they confirm it).

So what does this guy have that 97% of the population does not? Written goals that he sticks to, regardless of circumstances. I am quite sure that if he has a jump to make and the weather was right and his friend wants to visit, then the friend is probably going to have to wait and watch like the rest of us. Felix’s goals are bigger. His friends are in his life, like his goals, but he doesn't yield when he is about to have massive success.

We are heading into the final two months of the year when most people have either completely forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions, not had any in the first place, or going at it but struggling. Hats off to those in the latter category. By now, statistically, people have given up. DON’T! Things may get difficult, even more than they have been. Don’t give up. When the going gets tough, yes, the tough get going. Stick to your goals; re-read them; re-post them on your fridge, dashboard, vanity, mirrors, doors. Keep your goals in front of you.

Next, identify possible obstacles in your path to see them in advance and safely navigate them. Frequently, people lose sight of their goals because they focus on the obstacle and forget to look for a solution to the problem. Golfers are reminded to focus on where to put the ball versus avoiding the obstacle. We get what we focus on.

Headed to your friend’s or a member of your family’s who doesn't eat the way you do? Great! Here is your chance to offer to bring one of your favorite dishes or, offer to have the gala at your home. Rather than stress out over messing up one meal, focus on what you can control, and build your relations, too.

If that is not possible, there is another option that utilizes the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Give up? No. Prepare for the inevitable by eating as absolutely clean for as long as you can before and after the said event, yes. Just as the “small salad” does little good to the person eating the triple-lindy burger with special sauce and other special fat-laden toppings, so, too, one bad meal will not destroy your otherwise good diet. Eat small, focus on the best foods possible, and do not put the obvious foods on your plate. Fortunately, our bodies are resilient and can handle a little bit. Our bodies are a result of its habits.

If possible, eat before you go. That’s right! Know you are going to a party with a variety of unhealthy foods? No problem!. Eat super healthy ahead of time, and one or two snacks won’t kill you. You may even find you feel so better having already eaten that you feel fresher and more alert and able to focus on conversation and relationship-building rather than the food.

The real trick is to do your best as often as possible, especially knowing we are headed into a vulnerable time of the year. Remember, January is right around the corner, and NOW is the perfect time to get started on a resolution to get yourself healthier before the New Year arrives!

Do you have questions about other obstacles preventing or slowing you down from achieving your goals? Email me at

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